I've got quite a collection of regular likers,

my pockets are full of bad dreams,

some of them mucky from dust therein,

but all highly flavoured if you know what I mean?


Bodily fluids, orifices,

always good for the mind to dwell on;

best out in the open is what I say;

if you write with hatred that's A OK. 


Never mind the shit that keeps flowing, 

it's just another way of showing

a fixation on things that really matter

and then having a wonderful online natter.


A fabulous thing is poetry,

a way to be clever with words,

I don't worry too much about editing

as it's hard to polish turds. 





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Sat 20th Jan 2018 20:59

Thanks all for your comments. I think this poem pretends to be in favour of a certain attitude but is not at all that. I hope that came across.

Suki, as soon as I read about Pam Ayres I agreed with the idea (not my own). Her stuff is gritty, witty and just rolls along, with no malice!

David, tongue in cheek you devil. I have no defence. Actually, a really bad poem, like Les Dawson's piano playing is rather difficult to do well.

Hear hear Mark. Well put and covers most of the evidence. The beauty is all in the interpretation.

Hannah, i'm very glad indeed that you liked this one, as I know your thinking is so sound.

Thanks also Kevin, David and Pat; it means a lot.

Love to all youse. Ray

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Hannah Collins

Sat 20th Jan 2018 19:58

I love the title of this and the whole poem.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 20th Jan 2018 17:05

One of the treasures of WOL is its platform for those who
can lift the spirits and make us smile/chuckle/laugh out loud, happily contrasting with the oh-so-serious, look at
me and my troubles stuff that appears, whilst possessing
the ability to make us see something else beyond the levity to ponder as we read.

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suki spangles

Fri 19th Jan 2018 13:12

Hi Ray,

For some strange reason (something in my childhood, no doubt), I can hear Pam Ayres reading this..Not sure if you had that "voice" in mind?


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