The knife is full of dreams

that turn into nightmares

which once applied can never be denied.

The romance of fine steel

is not for the faint-hearted,

never can be shared with  the now departed.  




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Thu 18th Jan 2018 22:08

Thanks for stopping by Martin. I'm glad it was provocative, and I was pleased with the opening line too.


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Martin Elder

Thu 18th Jan 2018 20:58

I love the opening line 'The knife is full of dreams' It would make a fabulous opening line for a book.
there is certainly a stark warning and finality in this piece
love it

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Thu 18th Jan 2018 19:49

It's good to get thoughts going David. Especially on important issues like life and death. I often have an idea that feels good and see what happens. In the expansion of the theme, with fugue and counterpoint as it were, you have hit on a truism. I read the comments of a minister called Sarah Newton from 2017 re knife crime, and as ever the theme is larded with platitudes written by people with no imagination or personal inspiration . From the top down it looks depressing. The police have to implement on the ground, probably hampered by lack of funding and the usual plod predicaments. I truly believe that there is a sort of innate glamour to knives, which( like your poem about tongues ) can be hidden and brought out with shock effect. I myself am fascinated by them, and admire the way they are manufactured with real skill .

Thanks for liking , Col.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 18th Jan 2018 09:42

I don't know Ray, maybe this should be a footnote to the 2nd amendment, laid down as a government warning.

I appreciate this isn't the most likely subject you were addressing, but now I have set myself thinking about "Government Warnings" in general.

To my mind they are more like a disclaimer almost like a Pontius Pilate scenario, whereby the State washes its hands of responsibility, a kind of well we warned you and now we will punish you. That amounts to failure and neglect of responsibility in my mind, not freedom of choice as they would put it or "the right to bare"

Maybe like the tobacco industry, all arms should be sold emblazoned with pictures of the dead and the damage they cause for all to see. I don't suppose it would change much though as we can kill each other from opposing continents these days.

Apologies for veering off, but it got me thinking.


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Wed 17th Jan 2018 22:36

Well Stu I take that as a compliment. I think we all sweat over our work - sometimes inspiration comes , other times its just an itch. I was thinking too it would be great to meet the source of all your thinking . It's such a small world online - I hope you and your family are faring well my friend.

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Stu Buck

Wed 17th Jan 2018 20:54

a very powerful short piece ray. i do love how you are able to switch up your moods and themes so well. maybe 2018 will finally be the year we meet!

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