The cottage is tucked up in bed,

curtains like eyelids are closed;

there's a glow of a fire

where its heart is beating,

a carpet rolled out for welcome. 


No-one knocks at this ungodly hour,

outside, the lane is a river of dark. 

We sit in silence's mutual regard,

as right as keys in a lock,

complete, as companions should be.


The cottage is tucked up in bed,

the flames are like a dream;

questions and answers folded away

to await the breath of  another day

 preserving this simple scene. 







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Mon 15th Jan 2018 15:33

You old cynics - your imagination has stirred me from a reverie into dark and gloomy waters. Quite right too - there should be a knock and trouble brewing. I do have a sentimental side, but the atmosphere has to be right. Thank you one and all, Col. David, Douglas, Des and Suki for some nice takes !

Thank you for your likes, David and Pat.

Ray x to all.

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Martin Elder

Sun 14th Jan 2018 14:40

call me an old sentimentalist but I loved it from the opening words of
'the cottage is tucked up in bed' through to the very last
Are there still Welsh nationalist burning weekend cottages?

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suki spangles

Sun 14th Jan 2018 11:59

Intriguing stuff Ray. I read this as a romance with a slight pyro vibe. A David Lynch production!



Sun 14th Jan 2018 00:28

Good night Colin, just as the nightmares begin,as the welsh nationals break down raymondos door and drink all his gin. What else could spoil a perfect night.

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Douglas MacGowan

Sat 13th Jan 2018 23:58

“Silence’s mutual regard” is a good way of alluding to a well-developed relationship that goes above and beyond unnecessary words.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 13th Jan 2018 23:47

there's something not quite right about this chocolate box scene or is it me? I can't help but think something bad is lurking in that dark river of a lane - maybe Mr Death from the village is about to come knocking or a Welsh Nationalist has a can of petrol to hand. "Come home to a real fire - buy a cottage in Wales!" Or maybe it's just late and I need to get to bed? Goodnight and thank you for this heartwarming bedtime story Raymondo. Col.

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