I need no introductions

I’ve been around since the dawn of time

I’ve cradled infants and toyed with tyrants

Kissed many a man in his prime

I have no preference for age or sex

And religion ‘aint my thing

I may turn up when you least expect

Just to creep inside your skin


My face was first revealed

When I whispered in Cain’s ear

As he led Abel into the fields

I took my first steps in grief and fear

When Caesar ignored March omens

I helped Augustus become the boss

I mongered nails for Romans

As Jesus carried his cross

I’ve dined with Egyptian Queens

Hiding amongst the figs

Took Socrates by sinister means

As I enticed him with a swig

I’ve seen many a war zone 


I’ve been an arrow fired in the sky

Literally found an Achilles Heel

And Harold in the eye


I flexed my muscles 

Showed my power

Swept across Asia with disease 

Touched hundreds every hour

Brought Europe to its knees

I was opposite Parliament

Watched them hung, drawn and quartered

Instead of blowing up the establishment

The conspirators were slaughtered

I dropped on the tongue of Eva

When Adolf called it a day

Dropped in on Hiroshima

On the back of the Enola Gay

I ride on natures torrent

I bask within her rage

The good, the bad, the abhorrent

All dance upon my stage

I’m known the whole world over

Regardless of my chosen guise

Be it atomic bomb or venomous cobra

I bring tears to loved ones eyes

You must first cross my path

To exchange this world for the next

Leave others with the aftermath

And granite inscribed with text

Though some may rejoice and celebrate

The masses will always mourn

Each has a date with fate

On a path from the day you are born


I have no need to discriminate

Every individual I treat the same

I will encounter every one of you

Regardless of wealth and fame

I merely follow; I do not make the rules

Its life that is so unfair

Don’t blame me or think I am cruel

…Challenge me if you dare

In love and hate I sympathise

Our meeting is regrettable

But by no means do I apologise

As I am the inevitable



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