Oh, so you’re from Salford?

Then you must be a Red?

Oi you cheeky b#stard

I’d rather I’d be dead

Sorry, my mistake

Then surely you’re a Blue?

You ignorant w#nker

You haven’t a f#cking clue

I’m proud to walk the Manny Road

And equally proud of my LH abode

So give me you grief, your snide’s and your sh#te

Go f#ck yourself…

And C’mon You Whites

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Isurugi Noe

Wed 17th Jan 2018 14:08

I see. Thank you. Sorry. Should have just looked it up.

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Dave Evans

Tue 16th Jan 2018 17:06

Come on you white men- it's a popular acronym used by Bolton Wanderers fans for their heroes dressed in white

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Isurugi Noe

Tue 16th Jan 2018 16:07

What's the meaning of the title?

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