Hopeless Romantic

‘Please, please, don’t leave me’

He drops to the floor and begs

‘You said you loved a man in uniform

So I took that job in Greggs

I got you that second hand atlas

Cos you wanted to see the world

I bought that Prince cassette

Cos you love diamonds and pearls


Please, please, please don’t leave me

Please don’t have a break

I’ll change- Be more attentive


Whatever it takes

You said we’re together forever

Grow old, draw our pension

Something about not listening

Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention


Please, please, please, please

Don’t leave me

Please, please, please

Don’t go

I’m here on my knees in tears babe

The lowest of low

I tried to be romantic

I sent you flowers, and chocolates,

Wrote poetry to woo

OK, I forgot you’re diabetic

And have bad hay fever too

Lets have a relationship based on pity

That’d work I’m sure

Please just stay with me...’

As she turns and slams the door

◄ Crocodile Tears



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