Phallic symbols cast for death,

made for penetration

of brick, metal, bone, flesh,

mind, spirit, hope, dreams


while men decide

on whose hot belly

they take their ride. 




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Fri 12th Jan 2018 21:14

Suki, you're right - it can never be otherwise. Thanks.

David, you have detailed so many aspects of this and thanks for doing so. I suppose the first weapon would have been our bodies, limbs being extensions of harm. Interestingly an argument is often used for gun ownership in the US based on self defence, providing justification. The argument on nuclear defence still hangs over countries. If nonchalance is the viewing disposition , that seems a pointless exercise to me; I did find the programme confusing though and giving so many strands to draw together, really to no avail. I take your point however; in comparison with active soldiering, the mere watching of programmes must seem fairly impotent.

Thanks Beno, your point is a serious one and deserves its voice. May I say in defence that my poem was meant to align the masculine thrusting (of bullets) or penetration with the idea of domination, which is traditionally a male preserve. However, women can be aggressive in positions of power. which you rightly point out. I was using a poetic metaphor rather than making a political point. Thank you for troubling; I appreciate it.

I appreciate your likes, Laura and Rich, cheers!


<Deleted User> (18474)

Thu 11th Jan 2018 18:02

I think the masculine references do an injustice to the increasing role of women in front line politics and foreign policy. I don't think Condoleezza Rice has been too shy at distributing her phallic symbols.

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 11th Jan 2018 08:44

Good morning Ray,

weapons are a little like nature (although in a very perverse way) they simply operate as they are designed, and deploy in whichever way they are pointed, it is man who is the careless ingredient in the mix.

Undoubtedly there lurks evil intent behind the very purpose of weapons, having said that I have seen weapons with deadly intent protect and save life.

I am no advocate of weapons I wish they were obsolete and unnecessary. Being here today having been able to defend myself with a weapon I cannot disregard their often vital necessity (for defense and survival)

What the Saudi's and many others do is purely business, with no regard for human life. For years it has been plain to see the house of Saud's hand behind the export of weapons into area's of conflict, but how can we judge them when we in the UK are one of the biggest sellers of arms to the rest of the world. Its the hypocrisy which stings so much.

There is great evil in the world, but fortunately for most it won't come crashing through their ceiling whilst they are watching documentaries about the arms trade. If it did, maybe they might reconsider their nonchalant attitude towards it.


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suki spangles

Thu 11th Jan 2018 00:48

Hi there Ray,

Perpetual war - well, it never ends - it's good business..


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