Mummy and Daddy are Methodists

they have to have everything right;

they taught me that life is sacred,

to never give up the good fight. 


Biology taught me the details

of life with its marvellous ways,

seeing how things are constructed

and to see how they're taken apart;


the blood and the organs, muscles and nerves,

how living creatures feed and breed;

emotions filtered, often suppressed

impossible dreams never expressed. 


My Mummy and Daddy will visit today.

my prison cell is A OK.

Ten years since the murders now,

they'll come with their disbelieving eyes


not knowing me one wit more than when

they felt that He was on their side,

when they were blessed with little me,

rotten to the core. 






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Fri 12th Jan 2018 17:14

Thanks Martin. A plot line - I like the idea . I'll keep that in my mind maybe !

Thanks for liking , 220 August.


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Martin Elder

Fri 12th Jan 2018 09:00

This is certainly a very thought provoking piece and I guess for some who press a lot of buttons. can't help feeling this would make and interesting short story or maybe a T.V. drama

nice one

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Wed 10th Jan 2018 22:05

Hi Hannah. It's good to have your voice here, opening up more avenues of thought. It seems life can take many twists and turns, upending received wisdom. I especially like to get younger readers' opinions such as yourself, as they give fresh views and make me feel I've done something useful.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 10th Jan 2018 21:14

How little do our parents really know us. We grow up with their ideology without question for a while, it's just like another story they read to us, then suddenly it changes.
Brilliant piece.


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Tue 9th Jan 2018 17:24

Thanks for such a thoughtful response here Beno. Sadly, we are in no position to ascribe any certainty to genetic influences re criminal tendencies, though there has been research into chromosomes affecting them. Social conditions play a great part, as can greed, jealousy and other unhealthy obsessions, some of which of course are openly encouraged these days. My poem implies conditioning , although really the whole thing hangs on a thread, and is intended as irony. Life is never easy my friend.
I really appreciate your open mindedness thanks.


<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 8th Jan 2018 19:05

Sorry for reading this late but I have been sooooo busy at work over Christmas I haven't had time for anything else.
The first two verses made me think of something someone told me the other day. It is thought now that your DNA dictates your health and chances of surviving serious disease. Is there destiny in your biology? Does God play a hand in this? Are science and theology moving closer together, as we discover more? I'm with Wolfgar, not for me. But it made me think.
On a biblical theme, you reap what you sow. I think evil is probably nurtured and allowed to bloom. Innate badness is probably the exception to the rule? I hope so, it would reassure me.
Super sad and disturbing poem. Very thought provoking and maybe I enjoyed being made to think.

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Mon 8th Jan 2018 15:09

Sorry to be late coming back on this one. Thanks Suki. Pure devilment on my part to construct this - but I like to challenge.

Very generous David, thanks. I personally feel that this poem is like a road diversion that maybe readers may not want to tangle with (that's if they read it at all of course). Life with the dressings removed.

Thanks for liking it, Col, Kevin, Des, David and Fred .


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 5th Jan 2018 08:43

Now there's a test of faith, no doubt a defense would be something like "god works in mysterious ways". Not really good enough for me I'm afraid.

I suppose it's either that or having to accept that god is actually a bit of a nasty chap (expletive redacted)

The poem throws up very many topics of conversation, nature/nurture, design/evolution.

Nice one,


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suki spangles

Fri 5th Jan 2018 04:22

Hi there Ray,

It must be an incredible shock, and not only for the more pious, when their pride and joy turns out to be a gift from the depths - a curse - and the cruellest of reflections. Disbelieving eyes raised to their Creator above..


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