The life and times of us.

We live in a world where anything is possible,

provided you can climb and overcome any obstacle,

a place where life and death is optional,

a place where you start you first day, on a spiritual plain as a sole trapped in a hospital,

a place where at times it feels like your achieving the impossible, it's quite plausible.

I find I belong, to the high achievers, the day and the night time dreamers, the self believers, and occasionally the schemers.

who once were the drinkers and the smokers, now turned thinkers and thought provokers, 

To the weak and the strong the  right, to the wrong, to every poem and song that ever came along, 

but, who belongs to me? 

The birds and the bees, the wind in the trees or maybe the ever increasing need to succeed... or maybe the weed.


we all find inspiration in the strangest of places,

In the music that we listen to and in the eyes of many faces,

In oldest of us that have survived through the ages.

Maybe all we need is the wages. 




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