Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone


We are walking on the soil 

from black bones now

And swimming in rivers that ran red

with black blood.

Yes, "We."


And We

need to


brave now 

we need to be

pushing our roots down deep


we need to be

looking down deep now

looking deep down


'Cause we need to be brave now

we need to be

Can't afford to deny now

push those roots down

'Cause that soil is rich

And that culture is good 

And they're poisoning 

our air and they're poisoning 

our food

And they're trying to sell us what we've already got,

Trying to tell us all the things that we're not,

They're trying to make out

to make it

we must

just shut up our mouths

and learn to adjust

while they poison our air and they poison our food

and they tell us their crazy-arse vaccines are good 

And we just,




we just keep walking around on black bones 

and swimming in rivers that ran red

and living 

like there's nothing 






We're becoming virtual.


And the bones are crying

And the rivers are singing

And that could save us


If we'd just start listening.




















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Sun 15th Oct 2017 12:01

Hi David, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. This one for me is about Australian Aboriginal culture, which I'm certainly no expert on, but from what I have seen is incredibly beautiful and has so much wisdom to offer, if we'd only listen - and unfortunately there's not much of a history of that happening in this country (Australia).
Thanks again

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