A white t-shirt that goes to my thighs.

And covers my genitals when my arms aren't raised.

Is a convenient and useful tool that you can have in your very own home!




Be a fashion trend in your own house, show your bathroom mirror what style really means!

Pair with moderate acne and puffy eyes for that special flare of originality!

It's impossible to be ordinary when you're alone.

It's impossible to be special when you're alone.

You're by yourself.

Easy to wear! 

Great for on the go or in bed!

Or at at once, when you don't change. Just put jeans on and take jeans off, easy two step process!

Don't mind the stains, they fit. They fit you, and your current aesthetic of over ripe fruit paired with tap water.

Don't even wear underwear, just lay on your bed in the shirt!

Let it hold you like you want to be held

Let it cover you and swallow your body in the soft and non-chroma'd standard of existing.

Add your own story with flecks of dinner paired with piss stains that didn't quite reach the bowl.

Spin in a circle to your song.

Pretend you are in a dress. A beautiful dress you can't wear.



Your house applauds you with chirps of crickets hiding in the corners and doors shutting when the furnace expands.

And pretend that this is as permanent as a milky tunic.

Nothing stays together, not like the tshirt.

It even smells faintly.

Oh the man that took you to Hardee's after you didn't eat for two days.

And you swallow something that he had himself.

As reason.

Buy yours today!

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 29th Sep 2017 09:44

I hope you do live performances Connor

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Wed 27th Sep 2017 22:00

I'm converted Connor. I think you're in the John Belushi zone here. Wonderfully tragic.


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