my best poems of 2007

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my best poems of 2007


My words collapse like deck chairs

they can no longer stand

they are meaningless and they never come out like I planned

they fold up and lay on the floor

like they don't want to play anymore

I try to say more to cover my tracks

so people can't say anything back

or I retract what I've just said

leave the sentence I've just said for dead

but still I can never talk wise

but that is no surprise to all who know me

maybe one day

I'll actually say what I mean

I can still dream of that day

when my words don't collapse

but for now time and time again I know I'll relapse.



Got a throwaway Bible

Got a morality from a collection of friends suggestions

Got an invitation to the afterlife

the great beyond

but the ticket say invalid

Got red cheeks but my face still looks pallid

Got incense

Got burners

But my spirituality sticker still says learner

Got Tibetan book of living and dying

But I am still crying

Cause I cannot swallow or ingest the knowledge into my life

Got a conversation with God

All I do is talk all day but never listen

What am I missing?

Got a purpose driven life

But my life is a car crash

A mad dash from the accident scene

Got a dream

I have a dream

I have a dream

That has long since become a scream

Got a two bit knowledge

Went to college and failed

Know the knowledge has gone stale

Got money in the bank

Got a deodorant that stank

Sorry that stinks

(Bad English)

got a mate that drinks

got a mind that thinks too much

got mental illness

and pessimism is my crutch

got many things

and more but still I can’t score

but least I’ve got friends

and a life!



My love is ashes

and heart shaped gashes

my love is pain and fear

I want to hold you close

I want to keep you here

But like sand, you drain through my hands

This love never happens like I planned


My love is denial

One day I smile

then the sadness returns

but I love you too much to let you learn

of they way I feel

and there is a seal on my mouth

my lips are bound

what comes out is not a sound of

the truth of how I feel

but the truth I fear you will find anyway!


Poem Lost


I lost a poem yesterday

It went out of my mind, it went away

I tried to grab it before it went

But then I realised it was never meant for me to write that day.

One day it may come back

I may be able to pen it before it leaves

I want to give it form I want my poems to breathe

The best poems are the ones that wake us up in the middle of the night

and then they take flight

not before they are finished!


This is a poem for the unwanted.

A poem for all the children who weren’t received with open arms.

This is a poem for all animals left to die in bags in rubbish bins,

for all acts of love that were called sins.

This is a poem for cars left burnt out on roadsides

for boyfriends and girlfriends dumped for being second rate

this is a poem for the boy who wasn’t picked for the school football team.

A poem for every girl who didn’t make it as model

every girl who didn’t have a date for the prom

A poem for all the kids who didn’t get As to Cs in their GCSES

The so called “no hopers”

This is a poem for the unwanted

But those I know will make it anyway

No matter what people say

God loves you anyway.


thanks to my muse!!!!



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Dave Morgan

Fri 28th Dec 2007 03:29

Fine poems Daniel, I'd love to see Poem Lost in every school anthology, keep it up,

<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 27th Dec 2007 18:27

Daniel~ This is very creative and you got a lot of potential to write great muse!!!

I loved your best poem for 2007.

Thank you for the honesty and love for writing you share with us. All the best in the New Year 2008!

Zuzanna Musial

<Deleted User> (7790)

Thu 27th Dec 2007 15:06

Brutally honest, potent, powerhouse poems as always, Daniel. Your muse is in fine form, your originality shines out. May 2008 be a year filled with wonder and achievement.

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clarissa mckone

Thu 27th Dec 2007 14:45

Hi Daniel, these are very nice poems!

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