Restless: my body is your ocean; my limbs the currents of the sea

You float on my waves - sink only a little

I hold your sacred vessel safe - we become one:

A perfect balance of forces

Your body runs its course through my being

I feel you cleave my waves

I know you as we sink

Black waters closing

And I know you as we rise

I hold you to float above the tide as we burst the waves apart.

In the still of the calm you drift in my currents

Finding a port


◄ K.

Lost ►


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Chris Armstrong

Sun 27th Aug 2017 13:12

Many thanks (for both comments and proof reading!)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 27th Aug 2017 11:17

Really beautiful. I find the richness of your metaphors breathtaking.

Check the last line for a 'typo' in 'finding'; so the poem doesn't end on a 'funny' note.

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