Bobbing and Peering

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Harriet Harman, Minister for constitutional Affairs (no I haven't a clue what that is), says that paying for sex should be made illegal. If she thinks that would stop prostitution, or make women safer, she is mad.

Bobbing and Peering


The street is lined with pretty girls,

in micro skirts and cheeky curls.

They look at every passing car.

Bobbing and peering.


Behind them lurk their pimping men.

Waiting 'til they've scored, and then,

seizing all their paltry gains.

Far from endearing.


Suited men in lavish cars,

cruise around by seedy bars.

Eying up each girl in turn.

Drooling and leering.


He cranes his head in semi dark.

Selecting one before the park.

Clipping kerb as he pulls up.

Rocking the steering.


They talk about the business deal.

What she'll do, and how he'll feel.

Happily they set the price.

Laughing and cheering.


Short journey to a lonely plot.

He pays, and strips her on the spot.

She rapidly begins the job.

Bucking and rearing.


It's over, in a sudden flash.

He's angry at his waste of cash,

and grabs her by the throat.

Cringing and fearing.


Blind with rage, he grabs his knife.

He screams that she wil lose her life,

and lunges viciously.

Cutting and searing.


In pain and choking, dripping blood,

he kicks her out onto the mud,

then drives away as she cries out.

Fading from hearing.


She's found and then identified.

A few regret that she has died.

They come to say their last farewell.

Sadly revering.


The punter has his day in court,

regretting only that he's caught.

Claims he's blameless, not his fault.

Lying and sneering.


The judge who sends him down for life,

expresses sadness for his wife.

As crowds outside, bay for his blood.

Taunting and jeering.


The girls are still along the street,

standing at their usual beat.

Working as they always did.

Bobbing and peering.

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Malcolm Saunders

Thu 27th Dec 2007 12:28

Thanks Dave. I wrote it long ago actually, but it always remains current.

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Dave Morgan

Tue 25th Dec 2007 10:16

Hello Mal, a subject with which I am only too familiar, love the rhyming last lines, i've been trying to write that poem for ages, you beat me to it, excellent.


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