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The blackened stumps

of sad neglect

stare out from cracked

and shrunken lips.


A hoarse request

for change, is inaudible

above the noise

of the traffic.


The sad smile

and extended hand

tell of her need.


Watery eyes match

the spot of spittle

hanging in the corner

of a mouth,

slack and weak.


Alone among

a million people.

Hungry 'mid

the rotting food.

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Sun 15th Feb 2009 12:34

Thanks Sian

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sian howell

Sun 15th Feb 2009 12:13

A great piece, very powerful images of those who struggle to live through each's frightening to even consider how anyone could survive under such circumstances - cold, alone and vulnerable. Very good

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clarissa mckone

Sun 23rd Dec 2007 16:35

malcom this is a great poem. Years ago I worked with a group to try and get them off the street.Then the state shut down the mental hospitals and released all pts into the streets. Now there are so many.I see that my government likes to purchace bombs and give special holidays to sports players or give themselves a raise! I will point out this job was given to the churches, was commanded by GOD.But there I see decadence, golded robes, well the wealth is there to see, and they do small things like feed a few.I dont know, thought provoking poem here, sorry on any sp coffee has not made it to my fingers yet! thanks

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