Lost in the summer haze 
still filtering out those greys,
still absent in waste, 
vacant in change 
rearranging my stain 
an inherent pain 
the colour 
My bones leak into my soul, 
the mud absorbs everything 
but the flow 
and the black fog 
still follows me home.

The desert can be bleak 
especially when the colour
constantly leaks
and the sands always shifting 
beneath my feet. 
There are no woods 
and inside the tree 
I look for the three
but still 
still they abandon me.
Secrets they give 
and secrets they steal. 
The floor opens whole 
down follows my soul. 
A star alone screams at birth, 
disconnect unheard.

Got to cross the ground 
to follow the sound. 
The whole can't swallow the cloud 
when the rainbow maker 
don't come around 
all the words melt to frowns 
and my colours run
a deeper blue, a darker hue 
burns all to dust
and even though 
the rain still comes 
I don't feel it's touch. 
All I feel 
is the yellow of the rust.



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Charlotte Colvin

Mon 24th Jul 2017 14:32

This is beautiful

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