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You may besiege our gates

But we will never yield to hate.

You will never take our streets,

We will never accept defeat.

See the lovers love,

While the haters hate

Who will have their day in paradise?

What will be their fate?

We’ll continue to live our lives,

And never bow to flashing knives.

We will never bow to terror.

So don’t make the fatal error,

That you can bring us to our knees.

See we are Manchester,

We are Manchester bees,

And like those bees we’ll swarm,

Bringing such a storm

That extremist views will crumble,

The radicals will be humbled.

As we stand shoulder to shoulder.

As we stand proud and tall.

White man, black man, yellow man,

For we are brothers all.

Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jew

Will band together and resist those who

Would call on Armageddon’s wraith

To destroy the world in the name of faith.

Harmony can only be found in discussion and debate.

The world needs to come together, before it’s too late.

We all inhabit this planet, and we should live in peace,

But that can only happen when understanding is released.

So take away the faith, strip away the skin.

See that we are all the same

Then we can start again.


© By: - Pete Slater.       2017.





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Tom Doolan

Mon 5th Jun 2017 17:11

Well said Pete :)

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