About A Motorway.


What urgent malevolence

Impressed the metalled highway

Burying the cartwheel rutted tracks

Where mummers danced and acrobats

Indulgence sellers and potion vendors

Preyed on pilgrims singing praises

Making babies, telling stories

Wending their way to Walsingham?


A sombre day – progress spoke,

“Fell the ancient Hangman’s Oak,

Lay concrete carpeting on

Fields of slender celandine

Uproot mandrakes, crush sweet cicely,

Oust otter lodges from their couches

Leave no squirrel in its dray

Make a way!”


Make a way for madcap hurtlers

Heltering-skeltering to Gadarene

Teeth-grinding auto self-destruction

Abusing, cursing random strangers

Who undermine their GT isolation.


There is no time for buttercup teas

Beside a gentle sunshine stream

Watching clouds and dreaming dreams

No time to ponder the bluebell dell

Where red-haired girls in lacy dresses

Wove daisy chains for necklaces


There’s no sign of the one-room school

Teaching tables and joined up writing

No trace of the frog–pond we fished

For newts and toads and sticklebacks

Taking them home to a certain fate

In jam or pickled onion jars


Who cares that the copse

Where we played cowboys

And the Indians never won

Is gone?

Supplanted by a pet food outlet

Ikea and a ‘Homebase’

In the sainted name of progress.


Just the ghosts of red-haired girls

Keening where bluebells used to grow

Weaving wreathes of asphodel flowers

To drape the necks of hedgerow creatures

Foxes, hares and ‘clearanced’ badgers.


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Rick Gammon

Tue 6th Jun 2017 08:17

Re 'first drafts' - it takes a week of working on before a pome becomes 'first draft' - then months of fretting and editing - this will go into my new book - as and when I get the stuff collated and edited 😃

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suki spangles

Tue 6th Jun 2017 04:29

Hi There Rick,

Hope all is well with you.

You say this is a first draft?! Damned fine first draft then.

My favourite verses are the last two, but it's all subjective isn't it?


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Mon 5th Jun 2017 15:55

A great tour guide to past delicacies and frivolities in the name of joined up robotism - excellent stuff.
I just wrote a parallel piece called Laid to Rest so I am in great company Rick!!


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Rick Gammon

Sun 4th Jun 2017 22:57

Thanks. Kevin - it'll need sharpening - I'll perform it a few times and see if it lives 😃

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kJ Walker

Sun 4th Jun 2017 19:34

I wish my finished product was half as good as your first draft. Brilliant of course. I would expect no different.

Cheers Kevin

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Rick Gammon

Sun 4th Jun 2017 18:37

It is a first draft - I expect many changes 😃

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