About an Owl

About an Owl


Sore from a long night’s traipse

Soaked from the storm I trudged through

Knees raw from the chafe of

Trousers heavy with puddle splash

Arms aching from pushing

Palms blistered and heels

Long miles from home on the little-used track

I prop my punctured bike against a five-bar gate


And it’s sunrise.


I rest my elbows on the gate

Absorbing the view

Awed by the infinity of fields

Furrows - newly sown before winter cold

Run from headlands

Stretching to the Stone Age barrow and beyond

Brown, brown corduroy pregnant earth-lines

Narrowing to a vanishing point


From a distant steeple

An apparition - fulgent in the half-light

Intrudes my gaze

Serene, an owl of stately wing

Beats a silent flight

A single silver weft

Across the warp of heavy soil

And, after a seeming age

She reappears


The air stills


I wait, bathed in sunrise silence

Then my ears pick up the distant call

Of the owl returned from foraging, roosting


I take up my bike and walk.

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Stu Buck

Sun 21st May 2017 21:42

great piece of writing, sets a beautiful scene and gets me all excited for two weeks time when i will be handling owls myself (belated xmas present from the mrs).

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Rick Gammon

Sun 21st May 2017 07:15

Thanks, Suki, what you see above is the 31st revision - as of Sunday morning I ain't looked at it yet - I foresee another day of editing to lick it into shape.

At least a day...but not today...

Bad lines pop up like Hydra's teeth - I will slay them all - come out you b*studs - show yourselves - I'll fight you to the death.

p.s. My recently deceased cynosure Shirley loved owls - I promised I'd write a pome about owls.

pps - Just gave it a once over...like I'm prone to do ..a few lines disappeared... :)
ppps - A good friend told me I wrote farrows when it oughtta be furrows - looks like I birthed a litter of pigs ha ha :)

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suki spangles

Sun 21st May 2017 00:58

Lovely structure to this, Rick. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.


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