Thoughts on the Train

It's hot in here.



Is it just me who's sweating?


I look around and everyone seems to be in their own word,

Their little bubbles...

Yet here I stand feeling all eyes on me.

Please, don't stare.


The door opens as people rush to leave.

Push and shove,

Push and shove,

As the newcomers join us.

Please stand clear of the closing doors...

It's an endless cycle.


As the minutes go by,

Quicker than the stops,

I feel a drop of sweat crawl down the side of my face.

Why is it so hot in here?


A random hand touches mine,

I move my hand further away...

A bump to my right,

No words,

I can't deal with this.


No space,

No where to go,

Tapped...on an express.

Stop after stop I look out the windows,

Where are you?


A swift to the left,

I bump into the door...

What the hell.

My hands become sweaty,

My heart beat is racing,

As the speed begins to go faster.

A sudden halt and relief flows within me...

I reached my stop.




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