My Garden

This is where is started for me in 2015 with a smashed up ankle and lots of time to think.  I enjoyed it and still do, but a job would be pretty handy too.  Ho Hum.  Sorry to bore you if you have read it before, just was a good reminder to self....

1.      My Garden

Shall I let you into a secret?

I’ve got fairies at the end of my Garden

Yes, it’s true but Shh! Don’t let anyone know

Especially ‘Er next door


They only seem to come out at night

When I’ve had my dinner and a sup or two

I like to go out and watch

The fairies at the end of my garden


They don’t talk, not to me at least

I just watch their graceful, glowing bodies

Flitting to and fro, gently beating their wings

Those beautiful fairies at the end of my garden


And when I decide to sit out

As the gloom of the night envelops me

I stare wistfully from the balcony of my tower block flat

And just wish I had a garden


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Andy Smyth

Mon 21st Aug 2017 22:34

Hi Sinead, hope all is well.

The one that kicked me off was by Michael Rosen - "I've had this shirt"....

I've had this shirt
that's covered in dirt
for years and years and years

It used to be red
but I wore it to bed
and it went grey
cos I wore it all day
for years and years and years

The arms fell off
in the Monday wash
and you can see my vest
through the holes in the chest
for years and years and years

As my shirt falls apart
I'll keep the bits
in a biscuit tin
on the mantelpiece
for years and years and years.

Just makes me grin. Taught me not to take myself too seriously....

Keep writing. No harm done.

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Andy Smyth

Sun 20th Aug 2017 03:47

Hi Sinead, high praise indeed! Was one that just jumped into my mind whilst lying in a hospital bed of all places. But it did spur me on to write various other rubbish, which are mainly for my delight - some are (meant to be) funnyish and others definitely are not. Mood swings and all that. I blame the hormones. Still - keeps me out of mischief most of the time.

Thank you for the feedback.


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Sinead Wright

Fri 18th Aug 2017 21:10

I love this poem so much. I do not know why but it is my favorite poem i have ever read. it makes me smile every time.

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