Desert Scorn

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So this is the New Mexico.

What crap was the old one

to make this?


In Albuquerque from

Spider Spoon Restaurant

by fake antique bus

to Old Town.


Well, well!

There's another failed actor

shot dead

in the middle of the street.


Yesterdaves with an Elvis suit,

Yuk Mexican food

and crap Indian 'art'.


A soulless new, sprawling

concrete city with

a nice mountain outside.


The clowns in the civic plaza

clearly designed and ran the town.


A fire truck driven by a dalmation

trundled around.

Repeatedly saying

"whoops - excuse me."


The singing horse

in a glass box

asking for a dollar,

was the friendliest

thing around.


No shops.

Not safe to walk

they said.


Homeless people hovered

around the outskirts.


At Roswell

aliens chose to land in 1947.

What taste can they have?


Branson is building his space port here.

No doubt to move the homeless

a little further away

so they don't frighten

the conference trade.


Here lives 'Strong City'

who know, through their Messiah

Michael that the end of the world

is to happen on 15th December 2007

at midnight.

The calculation is certain.

Just like the last one was.



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Tommy Carroll

Tue 13th Oct 2009 20:33


Kevin Connolly

Thu 20th Dec 2007 21:00

I have a good friend in New Mexico, Malcolm, and it is exactly as you've described it!
It's a pity they were wrong about December 15th. Maybe they'll get it right one day, eh?
Great stuff.

Malcolm Saunders

Thu 20th Dec 2007 13:38

All my bubbles made a curly wave,
Now Wayne Bent has emptied Elvis' grave,
Oh, I believe in yesterdave.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
They shot me in the Old Town street you see,
Oh, yesterdave came suddenly.

Why we
Had to go I don't know, we didn't pay.
I saw,
Some thin thong, now I long for yesterdave.

Spotty doge are so much fun to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I just heave in yesterdave's.

Why we
Had to go I don't know, now we must pay.
I read,
Something strong, now I mourn in yesterdave.

A UFO came and took their minds away
Now Branson flies them if they want to pay
The clowns all live in yesterdaves.

With apologies to the Bugs.

Sorry your Messiahship Michael Trevasser. Put a Bent word in for me with your Father when he gets his watch fixed.

<Deleted User> (7790)

Thu 20th Dec 2007 12:24

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot his secretary. Oh my, Toto, this doesn't look like Kansas. Hello Dave. What are you doing, Dave? Richard Branson -- flying monkeys! What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her? Bang on the button again, Mr Malpoet!

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