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As a child I remember

the terrible news.

Agadir destroyed.

Fifteen thousand dead

in fifteen seconds.

An earthquake

tore the town apart

and consumed it.


Forty six years later

I visit on holiday.

There is nothing

to talk about

other than the earthquake,

the heat, and sardines.


Fat, pink travellers

hustled in a smelly souk.

Fifteen thousand ghosts

mingle in the beach bar

glad they are dead.


A single toothed old man

sending a six year old

to collect cash from tourists

to photograph his camel,

shows empty black

eyes beneath his raggy turban.


Tearing earth ripped a hard

working fishing town apart.

and in the scar grew sunbeds.

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Malcolm Saunders

Thu 20th Dec 2007 13:50

Thanks everybody. I came to Belfast for a week in the early seventies and it was not a pretty sight. A year or two a go my wife and I spent three weeks touring Ireland north and south. Belfast, Dublin and the rest of the island were all charming, lively and welcoming.

Thirty years ago I heard twisted garbage from all sides when the 'troubles' were interpreted through a range of different bigotries and hatreds. Let us hope that the prospects of growing peace and prosperity are not knocked off course by new objects of contempt. Passionate Irish peopple have a capacity for great art, love and creativity. When they choose to be negative, they can be vile. Here's to a positive future, building on a pleasant present.

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clarissa mckone

Thu 20th Dec 2007 01:20

Malcom, as always you teach me new things! I loved the story/poem you do such great poems! thanks

Kevin Connolly

Wed 19th Dec 2007 20:39

Tearing earth ripped a hard
working fishing town apart.
and in the scar grew sunbeds.

I am totally in awe of those lines, Malcolm. My own hometown is now a thriving hub for tourists, but in the dark days we never heard a foreign accent. And some people here actually despise them for coming here in peace time... as if they should be ashamed of themselves for not coming while we were killing one another.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 19th Dec 2007 17:21

Hello Malpoet, nice meeting you...I like the write and how you described the tragic situation in AGADIR. This is perhaps based on reality. Sad as it is, that some places are being touched by terrible disasters...Your poem shows that very well. Great write, however very sad....Thank you...Zuzanna

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