The Victim

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The Victim

I’ll not cry for the fear of dying but I’ll shed a tear for all the things I will never know. The grand wormwood ran through the cracks of my broken glass and I could not look away, I watched them slowly put the needle back under the straw bed, in an instant rage the filthy ragged wool blanket was in the air, like a fool I could not look away.  The smell of Absinthe filled the little room, blood! Whose blood, it was warm   I could not look away. I just want to sleep forever never to awake, I just want to sleep- can I sleep just for a little while.

Will it ever stop raining father? So much pain, I do not remember when they came for me was I asleep. Like pennies in a murky glass of wine, so were the days of my life, like pennies unspent collecting, collecting, piling, piling, I do not remember when they came for me.

Wake up! I can’t wake up, I want to sleep, sleep yes sleep. Eyes wide open I could see a shadow standing over me they were doing something to my chest putting something over my face, calling out a name was it my name, why can’t I speak, are they calling me, all I want to do is sleep.

Will it ever stop raining father? Can I dream, it’s so quite right now I can hear the wind blowing it’s so quite in here. I heard someone say he is dead, my eyes are wide open yet I cannot see anything, I smell burnt almonds, little bells fill the air. I smell burnt almonds. I heard them say he is dead.



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keith jeffries

Sat 11th Mar 2017 18:46

There are instances in this where I can slot myself as I suppose will many others.

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