To my Father

Why doesnt he love me? 
Why does he ignore me?
I plead for his love and affection!
I need him! 
He is the one that made me the man I am today with hard learned lessons.
He taught me to work with my hands, He taught me the value of hard work.
I known him since I was born,
So why does he disregard me?
I ask him to see me
I ask him to visit me
I ask him to love me
I ask for his help.....
Yet he continues to teach me life lessons by ignoring me.
Men are not to be helped.
Men are to figure it out on their own.
Men are not to say I love you. 
Men are not to show sympathy.
Men, thats the way life is for the brown.
We have fathers that were treated like dogs and abused by the system,
So they teach us the cruel ways of the world by shoving it in our face.
So how am I supposed to prosper if the lesson to learn is this world is against us?

I need you father!
I need you dad! 
Where are you when I need you most?
This world is attacking me and I have no one to save me but God.
Dad why cant you please help me in my suffering? 
I love you so much yet you turn cold when I need your warmth. 

You have made me the man I am today.
Stronger than ever. 
If only I could go back to the time when I was a child and you talked to me almost everyday...
Even if you were yelling....
I miss the butt whoopings.
I miss your chastisment.
I miss the standards.
I miss you father and need you!

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