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Aharon Shamaiwan

Updated: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 03:27 pm

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I am a man of God that is driven to save souls by letting the Holy Spirit lead me. I used to rap for the world, now I rap to glorify God. But before I started rapping as a teen, I was a poet and still am. With all chaos going on in USA, I am using poetry as my form of protesting wickedness such as mass deportation on immigrants, racism, police brutality, and the violence against native Americans.


God bless my soul? If I go to the city you live in and go to your house and rob you, you would be super hot. If I then took your family by force and brought them to my country to work on my land for free you would be super angry and lost. If I then said "I no longer need your services" and threw you and your family out on the streets with nothing but the clothes on your back in a foreign land, how would your family prosper? If I then told all the stores around not to sell you anything, how would you excel without resource? If I then tortured you for my amusement and perpetual hatred how can you love and forgive me? If I never apologized and made my wrongs right with you and continued to hate and oppress you, how could you stand on your own two feet when I have taken away everything from you? God bless my soul? Why should I say God bless my soul?

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