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How to tell a joke -Advice given to a Lady-

                  How to tell a joke

              -Advice given to a Lady-


PREAMBLE- Know your audience Know your subject

PREPARATION: WRITE out your joke in full, read it aloud many times.

REMOVE all diversions, inconsequential and trivial.

CHECK for confused references.

ENSURE you have a command of the required terminology.

DO Laugh at other people's jokes before attempting your own (this is called 'seeding')

Get the round in before attempting your joke.

Try not to get out of your depth.

AVOID sporting, scientific or technical references-

limit your choice to sex and fashion.

Political issues may only result in your being confused.

DO Laugh at other people's jokes before attempting your own (this is called 'seeding')

Get another round in before telling your joke.

DO not sweat.

Practice brevity

Remove 25% of what's left

Remain calm

Remember to blink


EVENT- Style is everything: delivery is more so

PRACTICE eye contact.

AVOID staring at the same person.

DO not wear checked shirts, dungarees or men's boots

DO not mumble

DO not rush delivery

LEARN to lower your vocal pitch

REMEMBER to breathe

DO not show signs of fear

Practice brevity.

Remove 25% of what's left.

Remain calm.

Ask a chap about posture.

Ask a chap for advice.

Ask a chap for his approval.

Try to relax

AVOID tearing-up beer-mats.

DO not fidget.

DO not under any circumstances:

cough burp stammer pass wind or giggle hysterically.

Turn OFF your mobile 'phone.

Try NOT to look nervous.


POST SHOW- Do not apologize for your effort

Do not cry

Do not under ANY circumstances attempt an encore.


Words and foto  Tommy Carroll 


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Tommy Carroll

Fri 17th Feb 2017 10:38

Than yous Kish el and shoes. Tommy

Profile image

New Shoes

Sat 4th Feb 2017 07:29

sorry guys, but I've got to make like migrating birds and get the flock out of here.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

its alright to laugh at your own joke right?

thanks for the inspiration

old shoes


Fri 3rd Feb 2017 22:24

Now, THAT, is a great joke!


really, must be very observant.

Profile image

kishore karunik

Fri 3rd Feb 2017 18:09


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