Carried Away

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I'll let myself get carried away,
Watch me simply fall apart.
I'm the type who laughs all day
When people accidentally fart.

Why do I corpse so freely
Instead of being serious?
I can't explain this tendency,
To verge on the ridiculous.

Is it my nature? Who can tell?
This penchant to go overboard.
Like a lunatic in a laughter cell,
Madness may be my reward.

Will it end the way it started?
Persist until my dying day?
I'll find it hard to be downhearted,
Even when I'm carried away.


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Paul Waring

Fri 30th Dec 2016 11:29

Thanks Lynn, you are totally right. And, I'm sure you'll know from your work in the world of entertainment, laughter is genuinely infectious!

I once taught a session on laughter to groups of patients with chronic pain. In my opening spiel, I described a scenario and asked the group to try hard not to laugh. Always, once one person smirked, chuckled or laughed, the whole group started and it really set the scene for people to 'let go', often for the first time in ages. People would say that they felt like their 'old selves' again and yearned to regain their sense of humour. Powerful stuff this laughter treatment! Thanks again. Paul

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lynn hahn

Fri 30th Dec 2016 04:37

Laughter totally heals. There are laughter clinics where one person just starts to laugh and the others join in. My therapist told me about them. Of course my therapist and I laugh all thru my sessions he is hilarious.

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Paul Waring

Thu 29th Dec 2016 17:51

Thanks MC, the first bit is so true...and the second bit calls to mind Kipling's 'If', maybe we should treat the imposters sublime and ridiculous the same (within reason!). Cheers for your comments. Paul

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Dec 2016 17:08

I recently received an email that contained the following:
You do not stop laughing when you grow old,
You grow old when you stop laughing.
As for the old observation about "going from the sublime
to the ridiculous", there is surely room for both in their
proper place and context. Real idiocy doesn't know
the difference. Laughter IS the best medicine for a lot of
what ails us!

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Thu 29th Dec 2016 13:48

Couldn't agree more!...Jeff...

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Paul Waring

Thu 29th Dec 2016 12:34

Thanks Jeff. Even if it can't keep us forever young, let's hope and pray that laughter might be the best medicine! Paul

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Thu 29th Dec 2016 12:04

Forever young...Jeff...

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