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Travel a little of the way with me
Stand by my side for just a while
Speak, open up our hearts together
Learn from our experiences of life.

Friends colour faded pictures called memories
Unravel the twisted tapestry of thought
Clear the mind of congestion and confusion
Bring life into perspective again.

Stay close to me, just long enough
To discover what we need to know
To be ready to return renewed
To help other lost souls 
To find their way


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Paul Waring

Wed 28th Dec 2016 18:33

Thank you so much Raj, Patricia, Ray and Jemima for your kind messages and thoughtful words. I'll tell you the story behind this, the very first thing I wrote in 1990. Driving, alone, for a holiday in Scotland, I felt a sudden compulsion to write something. I stopped the car and these words came out pretty much as you have read them. What is ironic, is that that night (5.8.90) I met my partner who I am still with 26 years later. It would be interesting to hear if you or others have experienced anything similar. Isn't life a mystery! Paul x

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Jemima Jones

Wed 28th Dec 2016 17:49

I love the whole of this poem Paul,especially the second stanza.Thank you.Jemima.

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Wed 28th Dec 2016 16:08

A noble sentiment Paul and a well balanced view. I think if you try to break this down, there is a lot of living to do to reach the calm and considered philosophy here. More often we find life is a lot harder and suffering awaits us first.
(Only my opinion).


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 28th Dec 2016 16:01

Hi Paul.This poem comes over as a neccessary message that we all need to listen to.


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Raj Ferds

Wed 28th Dec 2016 09:41

Like that Paul.

Moving away is always good for reflection, renewal and restoration. Gives us all a fresh perspective!!

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