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Love Yourself

I'm my own worst enemy,
It's funny how that works.
To see nothing great in me,
To question, "what's my worth?"

Looking in the mirror,
All I see is filth,
But the mirror isn't dirty,
It's just the figures spilth.

People try to compliment me,
But I only disagree,
Not seeing what they see,
They must say not what they mean.

I need more motivation.
My job is nothing great.
I need to work out more.
I'm too lazy, it can wait.

I get straight A's in college.
It's too easy, I'm not smart.
These other kids are brilliant,
I just play the part.

There's much I want to do today,
Doing nothing instead.
My list goes unchecked
While I'm laying in my bed.

Everyone annoys me,
Especially my family.
Try to think more positivite,
Addicted to the negativity.

It's funny though, sometimes
When I think about myself,
Realizing my potential
And the great amount of wealth.

Deep down there's a person
Living within me.
She shows herself every so often,
And sees what others see.

She knows she's something special,
Can turn the world around,
Into something better than
The one we live in now.

This life time may not see it,
As her job may not be done.
But she'll be back to finish,
Determined is this one.

Only I can stop her,
But I won't let that be,
For I will be more optimistic
To all the possibilities.

There is no end to improving,
There's always parts to fix.
As long as we keep moving
Be proud, and that is it.

I may be moving slowly,
And that's okay as well,
For I will get there one day,
As most of you can tell.

Bumps in the road will stop me
from going as fast as I'd like,
But those bumps are lessons disguised
To help me live my life.

There is no destination,
The key is to love the trip,
And to love yourself while at it,
Or else there's no point to live.

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James Fiske

Mon 25th Mar 2019 19:41

I love it! Amazing.

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