A banker, a chemist, a guy with some scent,

Seeking to find what their lives really meant,

Packed a bag with deodorant, toothbrush and flannel,

And embarked on a journey with motor and camel.

The world stared in horror, viewed their route with suspicions

Of explosives and bullets and subversive missions,

Dodging snipers, wild rockets, a smoky sunrise,

Was this quest to the East by three men who were wise?

But the aid brought to victims of a fight without glory

A flicker of hope in a desperate story.

The evening was sultry, the lighting flashed wild

On the night they took gifts to the humble boy child,

Swaddled and cosy, unaware of the danger,

A refuge of hope in the shape of a manger.

A moment in time, a history freeze frame,

Reflecting our circle of conflict and shame,

A blink of escape from war and dissent,

For a banker, a chemist, a guy with some scent





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2016 ►


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Harry O'Neill

Fri 16th Dec 2016 10:07

I like the way you`ve aptly modernised the kings in the last line.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 15th Dec 2016 20:30

Hi Claire - I enjoyed your poem very much and echo Martin's comment - but would it be really bad of me if I said that the first half reminded me of the Top Gear special when three slightly unwise men drove to the Holy Land to find the birthplace of 'the baby Jesus' which turned out to be a baby Stig? Please forgive my unholy and silly thoughts. All the best, Colin.


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Martin Elder

Wed 14th Dec 2016 23:33

Very clever Claire I like it, bringing the past into the present. A good poem

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