Two Kisses

How much are you worth asked a dear friend

'Two kisses and a cuddle' was the reply he did send

'Two kisses may be found for you with ease

But a cuddle is harder to blow through the breeze'

'Ah but cuddles are warm and can last so long

Please see if you can manage to blow very strong'

'Much as I might blow long with all of my might

I doubt you would get that hug afore tomorrow night'

'Until then will I stay here and feast upon your kisses

To give me the strength to wait on the hugs that I misses'

'Long will the hug last when it doth arrive there

As long as you hold it I will know that you care'


Such was the love chat from seadog to his wench

Signals sent by flags as the sea spray did drench

Him on the sloop deck as the ship left the shore

While hers were with hankies meant to implore

A lover to stay true until next they might meet

Though such were the times then it was quite a feat

For years might be passed by before his return

But still all the time her heart it would yearn

For kisses and cuddles he gave so very well

And maybe some more news she would soon tell

Of how her belly had swollen and finally sent forth

A baby with red hair like her man from the north...



August 30th 2009






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