who do you see

Out of all the people I know

none really know me

every time I meet someone new 

I put on a face for someone to see

But I have just met someone 

who figured out the truth 

Ans all the things I always feared and never followed through

and guess what 

they didn't see me as a threat

they loved my personality 

the moment that we met

we had the fears and they deemed just like I do

they kindly confessed to me

they used to do the same thing to

all the thigs we dreaded

and all the things we fear really are quite common

so if you feal them your not weird  


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Is this me ►



Fri 21st Oct 2016 20:11

I like the style and how it is not separated into stanzas. I think this probably explains every high schoolers life.

Natasha Bowman

Fri 21st Oct 2016 18:29

I love this poem!!!. I can relate as well????

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