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  Put sunflowers on my coffin

  When I am gone.

  Big bold bright faces

  Lifted to the sun.


  Do not put roses

  Petals curled tight in

  Upon themselves

  Hiding their sweetness.


  No chrysanthemums

  Mediocre and melancholic

  Nothing flowers from those

  Who knew me not.


  Do not put lilies

  White and sterile,

  Their death stench reaching

  Down the years.


  But riot it in colour

  Of every sweetness and hue

  Drape it in garlands

  Of loving memory.


  Put sunflowers on my coffin

  When I am gone.

  And let the World know

  That I tried.

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Sat 9th Apr 2016 00:05

Nice poem Cate....lovely images x

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Yvonne Brunton

Fri 4th May 2012 19:44

vague echoes of Dylan Thomas 'do not go gentle'
but in the first person. I love the seniment and the way it is expressed. XX

Steve Smith

Wed 16th Sep 2009 17:13

A fine poem, but rather painful to think of you in that position -one for the road?
Steve Smith

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 31st Aug 2009 21:49

I rarely buy flowers so don't be offended! X Great poem though, interesting idea Jeff X

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Nichola Burrows

Mon 24th Aug 2009 13:35

Love it! Except the lilly part. I love lillies. For me, personally they have a smell that makes me want to remember, and are pure and innocent. It is such a shame that something so beautiful can be related to death and sadness.

My family know already that when I pass, its yellow and white. Including the dress, which my husband is horrified about, if I go before him, because he nearly always wears black, for me it's sunshine and light, that's the way I want to be remembered.

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Dave Bradley

Sun 23rd Aug 2009 21:12

Hi Cate

I liked this. An affirmation of life, despite it being all about a coffin, which works as a poem. Your funeral should be fun, let's hope it's not for a while yet though

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 23rd Aug 2009 18:52

Cate, this is really good - a great thought to start with - expressed in tight lines, fine word choice and a compelling progression. Super ending.

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Sun 23rd Aug 2009 11:58

A sad one Cate - let's not go there. I agree with your choice though - have always hated the powerful stench of lilies and you have to love a flower that opens up so totally and seeks the warmth of the sun.

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