The World on the Verge of Destruction

The world is on the verge of destruction.

When Israel continues illegal construction,

For years, refusing to compromise with Palestine

When Boko Haram takes away more than two hundred girls,

Sells them, binds them with bombs and

When incessant wars are going on,

In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Palestine, 

Everywhere unbearable crimes,

Now is the time to follow messiah,

Forgive, forget and compromise,

Not once, not twice, but seventy times,

All German, Roman, British, Spanish, Empires,

Grabbed the lands for years and vanished.

Stories of wars and destruction,

Unbearable crimes,

Fill our eyes with tears till today

So I beseech all the good

Or bad, ill-fated powers,

To use their brain, and strength to find peaceful ways. 

Force them to open boundary lines with mercy,

Patience and compromise,

Live together, exchange and share what you have,

Share the land, do not grab,

Open your arms to hug, do not fire,

Unlimited joy will fill all your desires


◄ White man with a Black Heart

My Krishna ►


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