White man with a Black Heart

Yesterday, when a white man with a black heart,

Killed nine worshippers in a church,

My stupid mind mercilessly thought,

God should have made us multicolored,

White head, black hands, red body, yellow eyes, green hair.

Each and every person very hot, or, Virgin mothers should have been blessed by Gods.

To have all different colored kids,

A Russian ballerina, a Mohammed Ali, a Marten Luther an Annie Basent,

A Gandhi, and so on,

Who possessed brotherly kind loving heart.

Then rose a Godly voice from my soul.

It told me to hold, hold, hold on.

Think of the story very very old,

Think of the brother Able and Cane

When sin over-powers,

All God’s plans are failed,

When merciless powers rise,

All systems fail or derail,

Forgive serenity times if you can, O man,

Only then, you can stop further killing

Of a noble or sinful man.

True peace is with opposite side which

Comes with some compromise.

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