My Krishna

My Krishna was born in jail, my Christ was nailed.

My Buddha left his kingdom,

 My Muhammad reminds us of Karbala.

For all this, our sinner mankind

 Cannot be spared from blame   and remain blind.

Every time where ever He came on earth

To save, preach and help human beings,

He suffered, lived and died in pain.

Shame on us, we are same again,

Hitler, Mussolini, Al-Qaida and Saddam Hussain

Will take the form of human beings, again and again

There is no restrain on fighting for,

Boundaries and material gain.

Berlusconi is winning again.

Black pages of history will bleed always.

With stories of murders of innocent,

Women kids and brave soldiers

Only the leaders and monarchs gain.

How kind and Devine is God’s mercy and love,

He comes and stays with us, helps us

Realising our extreme strain

Saves us, from hell, the sinner’s drain.

◄ The World on the Verge of Destruction

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