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The New Normal

The sad little man with the bulging face,

his sense of victory is Britain’s disgrace.

Voting out tolerance, electing hatred in its place,

by reducing complex issues into ones of race.


“The war is over, and we have won,”

says the phoney, slimy, suited hooligan,

knowing full well the conflict has just begun –

all hail our unelected pound-shop Napoleon.


As he soaks up Front National’s singular applause,

yet another boost for the Far-Right cause,

this walking advert for the dangers of male menopause

pisses on our country and exposes its flaws,


that a dyspeptic cretin can exploit a bad situation,

by spewing vile rhetoric about immigration,

an embarrassing stain on the pants of an nation –

Nigel Farage, a political premature ejaculation.



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 6th Jul 2016 14:48

This reminds me of the unappetising language found online.
"A political premature ejaculation"? Tosh, if you know
the man has been campaigning against the betrayal of
self-determination for two decades!

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