Ode To A Holiday Rep

Court shoes on, navy blue
Polished to perfection,
No other colour shoe will do
They're subject to inspection.

Hair pristine, smiley doors
Clipboard held up high,
Ready for the airport wars
All reps standing by.

First arrivals jostle through
"Are you my rep" they say
I am indeed, how do you do
Let's start your holiday.

On the coach, grumpy faces
Another long delay
Airline losing several cases
Ooh what a lovely day!

Transfers done, no time to rest
Prepare for formal greetings
It's time to make some Euros
On a day of welcome meetings.

Island Tour? Rep's Cabaret?
Good value for your money
These trips will make your holiday
Our rep's show's really funny.

At last, a day off to relax
I'll hit the beach for rest
No chance when you share the sands
With all your drunken guests.

"Are you the Manos rep" they say
"Well I've got a complaint"
"You weren't at duties yesterday"
"Well impressed, we ain't.

They save their money for a year
To travel far and wide
Then spend it all on fags and beer
And spend each day pie-eyed.

At last departure day arrives
I wave them off with glee
Only the fittest reps survive
A summer by the sea.

silly rhyme

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Helen Elliott

Wed 13th Jul 2016 11:03

Thank you both very much.

Lynn, there is no other place on earth that could have given me what Arillas did. I am very lucky to have lived there and I will never forget it :) x

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 3rd Jul 2016 23:40

A pleasure to read Helen, neat and well rhymed and full of activity.

Stanza eight: no quotation mark at the end...should that `we` be they? (I know I sound like an old moaner, but it`s all this political stuff) :)


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Lynn Dye

Sun 3rd Jul 2016 12:27

Ah, but you did the job in the best possible place, as far as I'm concerned.

And yes, you were a stunning rep, no complaints here! :-)

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