i love you. and i want you in my life, forever and always.
and that's that.

but there are always dark masses that get in the way,
metal bars that prevent our love from seeping through,
and that's that.

we were separated by these bars and I reached out,
trying to kiss you through the small openings between the rungs
but like a slap across the face the cold metal parted us,
and that's that.

now I'm realizing we may never have a chance.
as the years progress the bars may thin and wear out,
and someday you may be able to pick me up and i can kiss you in ways i've only dreamed of.

but as of right now it looks like we're nowhere near that place,
nowhere near the land of true love where we can be together until death does us part.
as of right now it looks like you're farther away from me than ever...
and that's that.


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Chrissy Reeves

Tue 14th Jun 2016 10:55

Thank you for posting this. Its sad but lovely. Chrissy

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