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Beneath An Island Sky

Months, then years, flow in
like waves; they lap against our lives
washing ground up dreams along the shore
dreams of all we had to leave there 
upon the shelf
so much darkened distance now
drom certain past experiences
I so longingly need to draw on
O, how I pine
for a single drop 
of cob-webbed wisdom...

Day to day moments we share
they walk the blade-edge of pleasantness
I feel my nerves tingle with distaste
my head corrects me
says 'love love love'
and I back down again, staring out of windows
but the anger, the impotence
where do they go
sinking into the water table of frustration
running beneath the surface 
searching for an ocean

Perched upon the bonnet of a silver car
I'm watching the sun set through a heat-haze
rising from the tarmac all around me
the beauty is filling me, I don't want to leave
don't want to return to that cage we've made
where you and I sit 
in tortured silence for all time
thinking of things not to say
and things we'll never do

And you say
'I am blue
like the sea on winter days'
And I say
'I am red
like the fire raging in the forest'
And we're both green
like allotments, overgrown and wild

And yet
all the things we could have had...
we could still have

Split the atoms
beneath an island sky
I'm so close to splitting atoms
beneath an island sky

O, how I pine 
for just a single drop 
of cob-webbed wisdom...


(May, 2009)


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Lynn Dye

Thu 19th May 2016 14:51

So enjoyed this, Tom, good stuff!

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