i watch it all change and i sit back here like a child watching his parents argue across the dinner table not understanding a word waiting for it to change back or change into fireworks and butterflies but i don't know if it will. Because... It's all moved on, everything moves into and out of decay the circle of life is an ouroborus much bigger than i thought it spans many lifetimes before converging on itself once more. The world worm, eating it's own tail. And i just have to sit back and watch watching the grass come back and grow over the graves of loved ones now elsewhere The fresh soil fades away much like the memory of their hugs and their perfume and them. I have grown up as far as I can Now i have to grow out The tree I am is now reaching out grasping at the streams of sunlight streams of hidden fountains. And sitting back, watching.

aberdeenchangedeathmemoryrebirthsouth dakota

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