Simply Time

Simply Time


With Crystal Ball, I might have found

Some way to weave my way through time

Instead, I played without the rules

Did it my way throughout the schools

Meandered free from guides or maps

Ate my meals from plates on laps

Camped and rambled, cycled too

My only aim - my love for you


Single till I sang your song

Wed while we were still so young

Cats and flats and tube train rides

Cinema trips and theatre asides

Walking miles down country lanes

Hobbling from the blisters pains

Now and then there'd be a tiff

Life's never perfect, oh what if


Pardon me while I reminisce

My poetic licence still exists

So work was just my hobby made

Into jobs for which I was paid

Until later when I joined the retail trade

Years went by, I sold the shop

We bought a house with the cash I got

Acquired a dog who chased our cats

And still we ate from plates on laps


Houses changed, our lives did too

For a while you were lost to view

Back as one we multiplied

Two girls from us were derived

Another move nearer to school

A third child born who is no fool

Sadly you were soon unwell

At first, the doctors couldn't tell


Mighty was the blow that day

When they said no cure to allay

The failing heart within your breast

A transplant might be for the best

Some days after our son was two

While I was there, visiting you

The doctors said you had one last chance

And we took the news with a mutual glance


Harder still those several weeks

Intensive care, drug induced sleeps

Tubes, machines, alarms and more

Until you slipped through the final door

Goodbyes were hard for all who came

Many said it was a shame

But on with life we had to go

Three children had to deal with woe


Does time heal, or simply pass

Those old sayings might make you laugh

4000 days have been and gone

Will I join you before too long?



 April 11th 2008


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