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Stop Licking A Wound!


Cute girl, a dove
You grew up expectant
Of an inviolable love.

But,know there are things
You should, such as
Unfold the unexpected could.

Cute girl, ingratiatingly enjoying
A green light
To the citadel of your girlhood
At the height of your virginal beauty
Holding you close nude
Adept in creating the required mood,
A fickle womanizer may
Suddenly leave you for good!

Sister you should have
Seen through
Mr. Fickle's lack of personal
Integrity and internal beauty.

So cute girl ,please brush aside
Your self pity packed song
"My love for Mr.Fickle,who adorned
with my chastity, is  
matchless and strong!"

Also cute girl , know you should
Punishing Mr.Fiddle
For Mr.Fickle's mistake
Is the worst displacement
You could make.

Thus cute girl
Better focus on the fact
You will be an efficacious cure
To a genuine lover yearning
For you  with a heart pure!

The love lorn
Injured by Miss.Fickle,
Terribly clamors for your help
To nurse him and
To get him back in shape.

The past you will
Cease to rewind
Soul and body
With lovelorn Mr.Fiddle
When you get entwined!

When pricked with a thorn
Barefooted farmers
Pull out the thorn
With a thorn
So cute girl pull out
The ungrateful Mr.Fickle
With the grateful Mr.Fiddle
That way the problem
You could settle!///

It is not uncommon to observe most innocent girls suffer a blow when jilted by less genuine boy friends.It takes them long to get out of that mood,which could have a hanging over effect to a second love

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Wed 30th Mar 2016 13:27

Dear Harry O'Neill
You hit right on the nail.
Such feedback helps aspiring poets down the road.
I noticed there are women poets that write on this sensitive issue not yet brought to the limelight.That is why I wrote a poem on it.
For example see the poem bellow by a girl with a pen name sucidal-sunrise

Leave me Alone

The voices
They won't leave me alone,
I scream
They won't leave me alone.
They talk inside my head,
They talk about how my virginity was stolen on my bed.
I cry myself to sleep.
Leave me alone.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 28th Mar 2016 23:23

I like your word-play between fickle, fiddle, and also
Fidel (fidelity?) in what must be for you an unfamiliar idiom.

Also that `Unfold the unexpected could`

And the alliteration in stanza seven.

The moral of the thing is spot on.

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