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A king born

Once upon a time

There was an old king

Who used to worry

About one thing

'Surely one day

I will pass away!'

As many me advise

Among my sons

The wise

An  heir

Must take over

To govern

My subjects better.

Next to God,

To corporeal things

Who is above,

I want to check

The strength of

My sons' filial love.

Thus his sons he called

To “How much

do you love me? ”  respond.

Answered the elder

“I love you like honey

That has no parallels any!”

He won the warm laughter

Of his father.

“I love you like sugar

Could honey be any better?”

Answered the second

Thus a corner

He succeeded to cut

In his father's heart.

“I love you like a salt

As there is no fault

As missing this ingredient

In any dish

We want to relish!”

Said the youngest

Proving the wisest.

“Come over here

Take over my throne

You are a king born!”

Replied the king


From his heart

The lifting

Up of something!


Wisdom;My favourite tals as a kid.

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