They lay

They lay

as distant in their sleep

as cars upon the street

bums and bumpers

back to back

double parked

in a life

as empty

as the words 

they spoke

at their wedding



When a child asks about the cruelty in the world. ►


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Ronnie leek

Thu 24th Mar 2016 15:17

Thank you, Laura and Cynthia. I'm really touched.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 24th Mar 2016 15:03

Amen. I'm vehemently opposed to the concept of marriage, and your last few lines speak volumes to me.

As Cynthia say, to use such few words to convey your meaning is a true art.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 24th Mar 2016 10:46

IMO, a superb poem, the essence of what fine poetry really does - to evolve deep meaning in a few brilliant words. And the craftsmanship to express your idea.

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