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Edge of the World with Billy Mackenzie

There is magic here
sat alone in the
back of a hubbled
old waiting room
with a almost out
log fire
reflecting in the past.

There is a beauty
which certainly wasn't
somewhere over
the rainbow
or even
in the back of
your memories.

There is a tenderness
in the cold wind
blowing in a sea of dreams
that know if you
scream out loud
into the breeze
no-one will answer.

No-one will know
in the distance
as the snow tumbles down
ina dis-organised frenzy
how much once upon a time
you loved them
and no matter how
much you deny it
you still do.

No-one will see your
every foot-step
which are like boxes
waiting to be opened
and no-one will see
you sing softly to yourself
with a whispered hush
as you walk slowly up
and down
trying to keep yourself warm.

At the edge of the world
time seems to stand still.

The moon freezes in the sky
for just that little bit longer.

The clock on the tower
stops and starts
before stopping altogether.

And no matter
how many times
you sing it
the train will not
come any further.

And you will
still be alone.

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<Deleted User> (6353)

Mon 20th Jul 2009 16:14

Very moving, and I can relate to at the edge of the world, but gladly, back again.

This poem especially brought up a lot for me because of the title (some tears, in fact). I knew Billy Mackenzie very well - my mum was best friends with him and they used to race their whippets together. I was at his funeral, and it was one of the saddest I've ever been to.


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Cate Greenlees

Thu 16th Jul 2009 09:33

I like this one very much Andy, and agree with Isobel and Janet that it describes loneliness and isolation so well. Very few of us havn`t been "at the edge of the world." its a case of gritting your teeth and hanging on till you come through it. A fine poem!
Cate xx

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Thu 16th Jul 2009 06:40

A sad one Andy - you do capture the extreme isolation that unhappiness can give you. Am wishing that I could reach out and give you a hug - you'll have to settle for a cyber one. I'm hoping this was just a moment in time for you - cos we all have plenty of those and you have captured it well.
Isobel x

<Deleted User> (5646)

Thu 16th Jul 2009 00:44

I really do like this Andy. It has so many mixed emotions. I really did feel like i was on the edge of the world. Trust me, i've been there spiritually.
Quite amazing. Some sadness too.

It does it for me :-)

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