Belief and Knowledge

He believes her to be beautiful beyond compare

She knows him to be as slow as a brain-dead hare

He believes she is a goddess wrought in alabaster

She knows him to be a servile fool under a master

He believes her to be witty, brighter than the sun

She knows him to be one with brains next to none

He believes her to be as precious as the furthest star

She knows him to be as dumb as the thickest tar

He believes her to be all of warm heart and soul

She knows him to have all the warmth of a ghoul


She believes she knows all about him

He knows he believes things that aren’t true

Something written just over three years ago, mostly for laughs


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 10th Mar 2016 22:19

I suspect there are relationships that bear similarity to the mischievous content of these lines and some uncomfortable
recognition going on.

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