The Day Of Her Leaving

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the day of her leaving


it's a bit battered now

but I remember it when it was pristine

pages almost sticking together as they opened for the first time

faces inside

staring back

unaware of time passing

monochrome memories


family, relatives, confetti, suits, shiny shoes

daft hairstyles back-combed into oblivion

me as a small boy

laughing at my sister

in white,

bridesmaids at her rear

this was the day of her leaving



mum,dad, posing awakwardly

makes me sad to see glenis again

immaculate eyeliner

self deprecatory smile

following behind

not wanting to look directly into the lens

monochrome memories


the vicar closes the wooden doors

as his fan club arrives to tidy up

pews with scratched in names by bored children

sit, dumb

waiting for the sunday morning brigade

to march past with open mouths and hearts

this is the body of christ

this was the day of her leaving


barrels of beer are loaded into the pub

people shout,laugh,talk too loudly,

speeches are made,

flrtatious glances and reddening cheeks

lovely grub joe!

Proper mash this!

monochrome memories


the last of the cake is wrapped in gaudy napkins

as relatives we may never see again

smile and cram into taxis

a flood of aunties pass me by

patting my head

until the next family occasion necessitates their presence

this was the day of her leaving


back in the house

her bed is empty

illuminated inconsiderately by the sun

traces of her make up

smeared across the old wooden drawers

provides a brief reprieve

monochrome memories


no more unbridled laughter

no one there to understand me

no one there to teach me how to draw

or make paper chains at christmas

no one there to stick up for me

despite landing in trouble herself

this was the day of her leaving


this was the day of her leaving

wedding memories family

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 26th Jan 2018 23:15

Sweetly moving.

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keith jeffries

Wed 11th Oct 2017 12:39

Jon, your poems and especially this one bring back to life the past with such clarity. I was almost there. Thank you for this. Keith

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Mon 14th Mar 2016 02:20

very nice

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Sun 7th Feb 2016 22:07

Thanks for your comment Sister...this memory always makes me cry xx

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chris yates

Wed 3rd Feb 2016 18:54

I remember it well dear brother of mine lol love this poem it evokes so many memories of that day and our family life back then in 1972 hence the black and white photograph couldn't afford colour ( : x

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