you come on stage right

the British Isles behind you

that slightly awkward moment

when you have the monster in your reach

that blunders and thunders

regurgitating its old repertoire

new wine in old bottles

spitting, crackling piss and wind.


and your smile calms the whole affair down


I notice no changes   no grave predictions

no warnings as I watch your tiny puppet dance

as you pirouette to the silhouette

winged and flitting



      Dance with me O little lady

      as the isobars gather and darken

      we'll scale the contours of pain and pleasure

      embrace your weather front.


      Dance with me O comely lady

      as we put our lives behind us

      Let's leave this sheltered life to dance

      to dance together for evermore

      in sultry shades of sunset descending

      and face a crepuscular dawn.




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Thu 28th Jan 2016 20:23

Bless you Stu, you are my singular and select audient for this one. I had to look up thaumotrope but it was featured in the film Sleepy Hollow, which I also love.

Cheers Ray

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Stu Buck

Thu 28th Jan 2016 09:43

lovely this ray, especially winged and flitting thaumotrope which is a sexy sentence indeed. tinges of farce and longing. which could be the title of a shite rock bands debut album. im rereading now and its unfolding like an origami lotus. will report (pun intended) back later.

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